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October 17-19, 2019
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October 16-17, 2019
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October 16-17, 2019
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Dr. Marta Vlach is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Therapist who addresses physical and psychological health. She has run her own practice in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois for 17 years.

Vlach aslo created a line of organic tinctures and restorative tea blends and is one of the only doctors offering chelation therapy in the state.

"I started out in psychology, as a clinical psychologist and I loved it," she told ACAM for the above video.

"But in Europe I was also trained in herbal medicine," she said. "I noticed with my patients that when I started doing the herbal medicine along with psychotherapy we had much better results."

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IM Professional
As integrative medicine gains broader acceptance, career paths have diversified beyond private practice.
Now, integrative physicians may find jobs in large practices, hospital systems, and universities, or as researchers, formulators, and educators.

Physician recruiter and naturopath Dr. Matt Marturano recommends considering the following things as you navigate your options:

  • Balance creativity with focus.
  • Pick a niche.
  • Start your own practice.
  • Take friendly advice lightly.
  • Know what you are worth.

Read more about each of these concepts HERE.
IM Advocacy
Despite a lack of testing, 5G is being rolled out nationwide.

5G networks will be substantially different than the 4G networks currently in use.

Whereas current 4G networks use up to 6 GHz, 5G will use frequencies between 24 GHz and 100 GHz, known as millimeter-wave frequencies.

These smaller waves are more easily blocked by trees, buildings, and other objects in the world, which necessitates erecting many "small cell" towers to support the network.

Learn more about the issue HERE.
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We are pleased to introduce ACAM's Career Center! Search jobs from around the country, sign up for job alerts, submit your resume for professional critique, access materials to help prepare you for interviews and more. All for FREE.
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