Feature: Integrative Addiction Medicine
Integrative Addiction Medicine

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Substance abuse and addiction can affect the physical, mental, and spiritual health of an individual, which is why many believe that substance abuse recovery should address these unique factors to aid in the recovery process.

Over 18 million American adults suffered a substance use disorder in 2017: about 75% with alcohol abuse, 36% with illicit drugs, and 11% with both.

Integrative medicine is growing in popularity in the U.S., but our broad array of treatment options remains under research for effectiveness addressing use disorders. Preliminary results, however, are promising.

Integrative medicine is inquiry-driven and remains flexible so that it can address new issues as they arise, which makes it very useful for adapting to individual circumstances. The very core of integrative medicine is to improve the individual's quality of life. The same is true for people recovering from drug or alcohol abuse.

For instance, the integrative approach adapts well throughout the relapse and recovery experienced by many people with use disorders and is characterized by collaboration with specialists to achieve better overall health for the patient. A narrow approach simply won't work for many patients with use disorders, who often have other co-occurring mental and physical ailments.

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June Member of the Month

Dr. Vlach is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Therapist, who addresses both physical and psychological health. She also created her own line of organic tinctures and restorative tea blends and is one of the only doctors offering chelation therapy in Illinois.

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TAP Integrative Feature

Leafy Greens Slow Cognitive Decline, Aging

Spring and early summer crops like leafy greens are at their peak now: Enjoy them for brain health! Several studies have shown these greens offer more protection against cognitive decline than any other veggies.

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The fight continues to protect access to compounded medications, and we need your help!

Despite a long history of safe use and patient need, the FDA has blocked patient access to ingredients used in compounded medications and is in the process of reviewing and potentially blocking access to more.

The FDA requested that more than 300 substances that are currently compounded be nominated for a review process to determine indications for use, history of use, safety, etc. About 95 percent of substances nominated have been denied during the FDA's review process, either through a public hearing or by being listed in categories that reduce patient access.

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